All owners pets reside "strictly" in the Homeowners Quarters section of the Blaine House.

If you wish to meet them just let us know and we'll bring out to visit!


Pictures of KOUPER

"Kouper of Dundee" is a West Highland White Terrier
He's a very overly friendly and loving boy with lots of energy!!!   He thinks guests are here to come visit him. 


Kouper, with his personal kitty, Kedda
(Sad notice: On April 30, 2012,  17 year old little Kedda passed away.)



Pictures of KORI

She's a "Ragdoll" breed  ....  She knows she is THE DIVA!
Her father "Mr. Amercia" was a quadruple Grand Champion Ragdoll Cat
he is Blue bi-color Ragdoll!

Helping with groceries!

Just a bit tight, but I'll manage to take a nap anyway!


Pictures of KALI

The Calico......is quite vocal, is sweet & affectionate but only with her Mama
She is the "CLOWN" in the group!





Some Pictures of ZIGGY

Lttle Ziggy, a very sweet Tortie White, who decided she wanted to live indoors in the comforts of Blaine House.
She now enjoys the luxuries of being an inside Kitty!
She is most definitely the "RASCAL" in the group
She came to us on 4th of July 2011 and was about 4 months old.
She is most affectionate and very playful but she definitely has a mind of her own and
now rules the roost around all the other kitties and Kouper. 
She is extremely smart and fetches like a dog and makes sure her play mice have water and food.
She's a real HOOT!





The Maine Coons have arrived....more details and photos soon!!





The Blaine House
661 Harrison Ave.
Franklin, NC 28734


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